What people are saying

"Your treatment was like a lit candle that burned well into the
night as I time traveled to my toddlerhood and remembered many
things I had forgotten. It was a beautiful experience for me. 
I've let myself off the hook a great deal, and have 
found a compassion rather than a responsibility for my dad. 
I've also gained more insight into why I came to earth."
L.K.  CO

“My session with Lynn has completely changed my perspective on things. What a difference!”
J.M., Big Island, HI

“Working with Lynn is a power punch to all my limiting beliefs and blocks that get in the way to my successful life. Her skills are at an all-time high…and I always get immediate results with whatever I’m working on.”
R.E., Honolulu

“I am so grateful for you and for our Sunday group.  To think back to where we all were when we started working with you , and now for us to be married, leaders in the community, and/or loving our work….it’s so awesome!”
K.T. Tokyo

“Thank you so much for helping me to prepare for my job interview. They had planned first and second interviews. After my first interview I got a call that the board unanimously wanted to give me the job without any second interviews!”
E.C. Maine

“The work I did with you around my relationship with my mom has been amazing. It really shifted my relationship with her in a positive direction and we had a lot of healing. I feel better than I ever have about our relationship. So grateful.”
J.C. Maui

“Thank you for your open ear,open heart,and wisdom.”
J.B., Honolulu

“Lynn’s approach is compassionate, thought-provoking and intuitive, helpful in asking us to take fresh perspectives.”
R.T., Honolulu

“It was a Resonance Repatterning session I had with Lynn in the fall of 2006 that brought forth this amazing Intuitive gift I now share with my clients.”
M.O, Honolulu

“I need to say that if I hadn’t met you, I truly don’t know where I would be. I believe that the Universe led me to you and I am so grateful for your mentoring, coaching and support. These past several years have been more difficult for me to keep my head above water and my health on track. You are reminding me that I am strong, I control my health and schedule and that positive energy can always be channeled when you desire to change your life for the better. Thanks again for all your love and support! It means so much to me!” : )
D.S., Tennessee

“Lynn and the healing she facilitates through Resonance Repatterning is nothing short of a miracle. I have had the pleasure of working with her in a weekly group setting for the last two years and during that time I have experienced so many wonderful blessings and have gained so much insight on “who I am” and what I need in order to thrive and live a full, abundant life. She masterfully, compassionately, and lovingly brings light to our darkness, negative thoughts, and energetic blocks that keep us stuck, freeing us to live the extraordinary life we are meant to live. Through working with Lynn, I have gained a sense of peace, compassion, and self- love that I have never experienced before. Thank you, Lynn!
P.A., Honolulu

“I felt so much peace last night! Thank you for the session. I absolutely felt and still feel it! I really love you! You have a permanent place in my heart!
W.B., Georgia

“Working with you has changed my life more than anything I have ever done. I have gone to many healers and I have tried many different healing systems. Your work gets to the root of the problem quickly and has helped me to create a life all the way across the country with the man I love. We just got engaged! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

C.A., California

“Mahalo again for an amazing session yesterday. I don’t know exactly what you did, but I feel like a big weight was lifted from me. You are truly a blessing!
A.T., Honolulu

“Thank you, and yes, a few tears sitting here at my desk thinking about the people I really love and how important actions are. Thanks for the words of advice and encouragement. Those phone calls made my Mom’s world a whole new place. With love and thanks,
D.S., Tennessee

“I am so happy that I was able to make a difficult but excellent decision! I really stood up for myself in an articulate and succinct manner, for the first time I think!! I can’t help but think how much of my behavior was influenced by our session. I can’t thank you enough! I even performed on live TV to the best of my ability with no freaking out!E.C., California

” Your work/our work is one of the most powerful things I do.”
S.D, Massachusettes

“Lynn, I hope you can make it to our wedding! You know this wouldn’t have been possible without you!” 🙂
L.D., Honolulu

“Thank you for your guidance and teaching me a wonderful way to be self-empowered. My personal journey got a necessary kick start again, like a spark plug to get that engine moving! You are a blessing.”
P.A., Honolulu

“It has been great doing work with you.  I’m finally able to voice so many thoughts I have had in my mind for years.”
A.C, Toronto

“Aloha Lynn, it was great spending time with you. Thanks a lot. My step was a lot lighter the rest of the day and again today. I can stop struggling!”
M. W., Honolulu

“I’m changing in a way I’ve always wanted to change.  I’m feeling better than I have in a couple of years.  I feel empowered.  I have hope for the future.”
C.A, Conneticut

“I have definitely shifted! I received an unexpected $100 cash today and have the first person registered for my seminar… yippee!”
M.O., Honolulu

“Thank you for being an angel, a mentor and a guide in my life.  You help me to be true to my values.  I can’t wait to see and feel what comes next!”
L.M. Honolulu


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